Pizza and Knowledge Workshops

When do I choose pass/no pass?  Am I doing the right things to be competitive after I graduate? Where do I go when something goes wrong?

You’ve got questions. We’ve got knowledge. And pizza. FREE pizza.


In partnership with Orientation Programs, we explore the reasons to see an advisor—from a bad midterm grade to feeling out of place.


Begin your academic career right! We bust those academic myths you'll hear around campus and make sure you know how to make the best academic decisions for you.


How do you prepare for the next step after undergrad? We'll bust myths about major, grad/professional school, and career. Learn the steps to building a competitive advantage, from freshman year 'til you toss your graduation cap.


The Alumni Panel

What does major mean in the real world? What do you do when you hit a roadblock on your career path? What does it take to get a dream job? We've brought back alumni in a variety of careers for a candid talk about what they wish they'd known in undergrad.

Tentative Date: April 18, 2017

Location: TBA

Pizza will be free!

See last year's panel here:

Full Alumni Panel Video (Length: 1:04:34)

Read about last year's alumni in their Alumni Spotlights:

Joseph Harrington: Speech Therapist and Special Education Teacher

Megan Snedden: Travel Photographer and Journalist, National Geographic Traveler

Michelle Musser: Graduate Student in Film and TV Production, USC

Gabriel Martinez-Santibañez: User-Centered Design Research Fellow, Harvard Medical


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