Undergraduate Research Slam Finalists announced!

Congratulations to our Undergraduate Research Slam Finalists! Come see their final presentations from 11:00am to 1:30pm on May 17 in the Santa Barbara Harbor Room.


Sarah Bay – Are Acute Changes in Endogenous Testosterone Associated with Changes in Cellular Immunity? 
Anthropology, College of Letters & Science

Nicole Bush – Circularized RNA in Fruit Fly Eggs
Biology, College of Creative Studies

Jennifer Cruz – Performance Moderates Female-directed Hostility in Male-dominated Environments
Communication, College of Letters & Science

Andrew Dawson – Testing Pharmaceuticals’ Authenticity for Developing Areas
Chemistry/Biochemistry, College of Creative Studies 

Kevin Dervishi – Investigating Tau Dimerization: The Implication of Tau Oligomers in Neurodegeneration
Biology (Biochemistry emphasis), College of Creative Studies

Nicole Dodd – Language Contact Between Andalusian Arabic and Spanish: The Orientalizing Suffix
Linguistics (Spanish emphasis) and Global Studies, College of Letters & Science

Zachary Feinn – Providing Free WiFi to the Homeless
Computer Engineering, College of Engineering

Michelle Higgins – Investigating the Effects of Vinca Alkaloid Drugs on the GTP Binding Site of Tubulin
Cell and Developmental Biology, College of Letters & Science

Risa Jensen – Emotions, Message Framing, and Persuasion
Sociology & Communication, College of Letters & Science

Henry Morse – Applied Microbial Extracellular Polysaccharides as a Method of Increasing Plant Production
Biochemistry, College of Creative Studies

Dinh Nhan – The Role of YciB Protein in E.coli
Microbiology, College of Letters & Science

Kelly Noah – Mindfulness Meditation Effects on Breast Cancer Survivorship Stress
Biochemistry, College of Creative Studies

Tyler Ogunmowo – Understanding the Generation of Sleep Patterns using the Fruit Fly
Biochemistry, College of Letters & Science

Gold Okafor – Did I Do That?: Locating and Disrupting Neural Processing for the Sense of Agency
Biopsychology, College of Letters & Science

Alexander Smolentsev – Making the Familiar Novel - Familiarity in a Virtual Environment and its Effect on Immersion
Biopsychology, College of Letters & Science

News Date: 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016