Health Professions - Clinical Experience

Although academics are extremely important when considering a career in the health professions, it is also important to gain practical experience. By volunteering in one of the organizations identified below, becoming an EMT, or working in a medical office, you can witness firsthand what your future career can involve.

Campus Resources

  • Joining one of UCSB's many health professions organizations is a great place to begin collecting information and making connections for your future career. These organizations are intended to educate students about the specific health professions, provide insight into the application process, and help students prepare for a career as a health professional. Visit the Student Organizations section of the Health Professions webpage to find out more about the different pre-health clubs on campus.
  • The UCSB Pre-Health Advising Facebook page and the Health Professions and Honors Listservs, frequently post volunteer opportunities.
  • Finally, the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Office (URCA) is a helpful resource for laboratory research opportunities. Visit the URCA website and look for jobs posted on the departmental listservs, or speak with your professors about potential research opportunities.

Clinical Opportunities

Medical (PA, DO, MD)

                         NCTI Buellton

                         Santa Barbara City College

                         Ventura College          

                         Allan Hancock College

  • Certified Nursing Assistant Programs (CNA)

                         Santa Barbara City College

                         Ventura College

                         Oxnard Adult School

                          Allan Hancock College

                          American Red Cross



Physical Therapy

  • Email:
    1. Student must have completed human science course work; anatomy is mandatory.
    2. Student must have junior or senior standing.
    3. Student must be interested in pursuing physical therapy school.
  • Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital volunteer opportunities (bottom of the page). Application available on wesbite
  • In addition to the above opportunities, there many other local physical therapy clinics that may also take volunteers.


Students interested in pharmacy may want to consider earning certification as a pharmacy technician in order to gain experience in the workplace. Students are also encouraged to contact local pharmacies and inquire about possible volunteer or internship opportunities. Finally, the UCSB Pre-Pharmacy club also has access to some local pharmacy volunteer opportunities.


2018 Podiatric Medicine Internship Programs


Community Service Opportunities

Research Opportunities

Conducting research is another great way to stand out as an applicant in any health-related profession. Approximately 85 percent of all medical school matriculates have conducted research in some capacity.

As a premiere research institution, UCSB is an ideal environment for this pursuit. The majority of UCSB faculty members are top researchers who are actively involved in their fields. Through special research assistance courses, UCSB students have the opportunity to work alongside these professors, gain valuable research experience, and earn academic credit.

If you are interested in potential research opportunities, please visit the links below:

  • Faculty Research Assistance Program (FRAP is intended to provide opportunities for undergraduates to gain valuable research experience while earning academic credit via special research assistance courses (99RA or 199).
  • UCSB Undergraduate Research Website (listing of undergraduate research programs)
  • Students may also contact individual departments to inquire about potential research opportunities.

UC Center Sacramento Internship Opportunities

A number of health-related internships are available through the UC Center in Sacramento Program. For more information on the UCCS Program, visit