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Writing Program

Madeleine Sorapure

South Hall 1522

Research Project

We are on the one hand feminists and scholars of feminism/women's issue. And on the other hand we are designers and media producers. While significant writing and theorizing has developed some ideas of how to apply feminist principles as writers, we do not have any main resources for understanding how to apply feminist principles into design. What makes for a feminist design? How do we make media as feminists? We are going to investigate these questions through analysis of example texts and reading interdisciplinary theorists.  

Undergraduate Contribution

Students will meet each week to discuss 1-3 readings (short articles, academic articles, and also example designs). Throughout the quarter, each student will write a one paragraph summary of each reading, which will be revised into a collaborative annotated bibliography. Students will compose a report on best practices for feminist social media. We will end the quarter by writing a short article for general audiences on how we can apply feminist principles as designers.