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About FRAP

The Faculty Research Assistance Program (FRAP) allows undergraduates to gain valuable research experience, work with leading UCSB researchers, and simultaneously earn academic credit through special research assistance courses, 99/99RA or 199/199RA.

If you are interested in FRAP, please visit the directory in the dropdown menu. This directory provides information about current research projects, the faculty and senior researchers conducting the research, and the academic or other preparation necessary to participate in the projects.

Using the Directory

Faculty members who are willing to sponsor students in 99RA/199RA have profiles in the directory. The profiles are arranged by department, which will allow you to locate faculty members and senior researchers whose primary interests are in a given area of study. Since the research interests of faculty often intersect disciplinary boundaries, interdisciplinary projects are included in the directory. You may wish to look under several departments and programs to identify all faculty members who are conducting research that interests you.

When you are ready to communicate with a faculty member, keep in mind that most prefer personal contact. A faculty member’s departmental office can assist you in determining that professor’s office hours, specific contact information, etc.

Funding for Faculty

Faculty members who work with undergraduates in the College of Letters and Science have the opportunity to apply for a grant to support that student's research. To apply for funding, send a completed FRAP Grant Application Form as a Word document to To be eligible for funding, the project must also be listed in the FRAP Directory. Please use the online submission form to create a listing.

For more information about funding restrictions, visit