Affiliated Discovery Courses

These courses provide opportunities to explore majors and departments in greater detail, guided by faculty from within the discipline


ANTH 2-Introductory Cultural Anthropology
The nature of culture: survey of the range of cultural phenomena, including material culture, social organization, religion, and other optics.

ANTH 3-Introductory Archaeology
An introduction to archaeology and the prehisotry of humankind from the earliest times up to the advent of literate civilization and cities, also processes of cultural change. Partly self-paced learning.

ANTH 5-Introductory Biological Anthropology
An introductory course in human evolutionary biology. Natural selection and its genetic basis are used to highlight a variety of human traits. The fossil record is address, but the course takes more of an "adaptationist" than paleontological perspective.

ANTH 7-Introductory Biosocial Anthropology
Introduction to our evolved, universal human nature, the evolution of the human mind, and how they shape behavior, social life, and the culture. Topics include friendship, mate choice, incest avoidance, cooperation, revenge, status, jealousy, emotions, group formation, and intergroup aggression.

Black Studies

Black Studies 1: Introduction to African-American Studies
Explores historical and current social conditions of black people in the United States. Topics include slavery, emancipation, reconstruction and urban black migration, with particular consideration given to the black church and the black family as bearers and creators of African-American culture.


COMM 1. Introduction to Communication
Survey of basic concepts, principles, and models of communication. Introduction to the importance of communication in intrapersonal, interpersonal, small group, organizational, and mass media contexts.