Readmission and Reinstatement


Returning to UCSB after a break in enrollment (Readmission)

If you left UCSB in good academic standing and wish to be readmitted to the university, complete the following steps before the absolute deadlines listed below. 

  1. Submit an "Readmission/Reinstatement" form available from the Registrar's Forms website.
  2. Pay the processing fee.
  3. Have a transcript sent to the Office of the Registrar from each institution attended during the absence from UCSB.
  4. Special instructions for students who have already completed 155 or more units: You may be asked to submit a Proposed Schedule for Graduation (PSG) before your readmission is approved.  Please contact Letters and Science Advising if you think you may be required to submit a PSG.

Please see the Readmission/Reinstatement form for the deadlines for submitting the application.

While Applications for Readmission/Reinstatement will be accepted as late as the deadlines above, in most cases, it is in students' best interest to submit the application as early in the filing period as possible so that the application is processed and as student is given Pass times for registration. Please go to the Registrar's Readmission/Reinstatement website for more details about the return process and for the Steps to Registration for newly readmitted students.

Returning to UCSB after an academic disqualification or other dismissal (Reinstatement)

If you left UCSB while not in good academic standing, and you wish to return to the university, you may be required to take extra steps in addition to the standard readmission process described above in order to be "reinstated" into the College of Letters and Science."

If you have been:

You will need to submit a completed an Academic Self-Assessment in addition to your application for readmission in order to be considered for readmission at UCSB. Please contact the College Advising Office if you are not sure about your academic status or if you have questions about the appeal process.

Other special circumstances:

International Students should contact the Office of International Students and Scholars well in advance of the term in which they plan to return.

Blocked Registration If your registration has been blocked, you will need to clear the block with the appropriate campus office before you can register for courses.

Outstanding Debts If you have outstanding debts with UCSB, you must resolve this debt prior to readmission. Please contact the Billing Office or the Office of Financial Aid for more information.

Disciplinary Suspension If your absence is due to a disciplinary suspension, please contact the Office of Student Conduct.