Craig Beveridge: Recruiting Manager, Google

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Thursday, August 4, 2016


This month's Spotlight features Craig, a former Psychology and Communication double major who is now leading an energetic band of recruiters in the mission to build the staff for one of the world's top companies.

Craig, on the myth of the "practical" major:

"It's interesting that liberal arts degrees still have a sort of stigma of not leading to industrious careers. It's a complete fallacy. [...] Most of my colleagues studied some kind of liberal art and they were able to transfer the skills quite easily. Unless you're going into a very specialized career, you can really study whatever you want. From my point of view, energy and engagement is essential, and you're not going to get that from a major you don't like."

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Craig welcomes UCSB students to contact him via LinkedIn with questions about his story or for advice about preparing for a career in recruiting.


Those with job inquiries should visit Google's "How We Hire" page:

Google Careers: How We Hire

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