Kelsey Brannan: Senior Video Producer & Video Editing Trainer

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Thursday, August 3, 2017


This month’s Spotlight features Kelsey, a former Film and Media Studies major who is now using film as a tool to develop more peaceful international relations.

Kelsey, on the surprising role of art in the government:

"My work is considered a form of public diplomacy creating a global impact, which is something I would never have anticipated while in undergrad. [...] I never thought I would work in government, but there is a place for artists there. There, our work has value. Our voices and expertise aren't muted as they sometimes can be, and, if anything, are uplifted."

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Kelsey invites current Gauchos to reach out to her on Twitter or through her websites to ask questions about her career or the craft of film-making. Inquiries about open positions or requests to review resumes will not receive replies.



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