California Health Professional Student Alliance (CaHPSA)


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Mission Statement:

CaHPSA is a healthcare and political advocacy organization that aims to cultivate leadership skills to effect change in our healthcare system. Our goal is to provide high-quality, accessible, and guaranteed healthcare for everyone.


Opportunities/Perks of Joining:

Project White Coat: PWC provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on training with our current health care system and opportunities to interact with people from various backgrounds who face different challenges accessing health care. Our students provide objective and informed advice. To this day, our students have helped over 400 people enroll in Medi-Cal or a private plan. 

Lobby Day: Lobby Day is CaHPSA’s flagship event, held annually in Sacramento, California with an attendance of over 500 pre-health and medical university/college students, health & medical professionals, and community health activists. 

Journal Club: Journal Club is a monthly meeting intended to discuss, learn, and explore relevant healthcare topics. Members will be assigned a current healthcare article and will think critically and discuss the issues relevant to the article. The purpose of Journal Club is to think critically about healthcare topics, listen to differing opinions, and disseminate information about the healthcare system. The Journal Club meeting will be guided by CaHPSA’s Director of Education. Members in Journal Club will be able to further develop their viewpoints on the healthcare issue by participating in a debate two weeks later. Members will be assigned a debate topic related to the Journal Club article during the initial Journal Club meeting and will present a formal debate on the topic two weeks later. The debate will be moderated by CaHPSA’s Debate Coordinator. 

Women's Health Committee: Focuses on representing women’s interest during the discussions that will take place for change to the healthcare system.