Health Guardians of America (HGA)


Contact Information:


Facebook: UCSB Health Guardians of America (@hga.ucsb)

Instagram: @ucsbhealthguardian


Mission Statement:

We are a group of college students passionate about pressing public health issue, general healthy living, and physical fitness. We are firm believers in this cause and excited in promoting this in the general and at-risk populations. We provide personalized programs for young adults to promote healthy living and educate personal fitness. Health Guardians of America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates the FitLife program securely and safely. The development and maintenance of the health program is managed by professional developers in Silicon Valley. Founded by medical students from Berkeley, Columbia, and UCSF, the organization strives to contribute to combatting the national obesity epidemic leading to diabetes and heart disease with innovative solutions. The health organization was established circa 2011 in Berkeley, California.


Opportunities/Perks of Joining:

Some opportunities to joining the organization is becoming a Co-VP of an executive position (Internal relations, external relations, etc). Other perks include: getting to talk to current medical students to get advice, discounts to RecCen classes (currently working on this), and yoga/racquetball/volleyball activities.