Health Professions Association (HPA)


Contact Information:



Facebook: UCSB Health Professions Association

Instagram: @hpa_ucsb


Mission Statement:

The Health Professions Association is here at UCSB to ensure that those seeking a career in the health professions will have all the resources to reach their goals. We have regular meetings throughout the quarter, inviting a wide range of speakers ranging from medical and professional school admission officers, to practicing health professionals, to internship opportunities. Membership is open to everyone. Please seek us out and use all of our resources available to you. If you are thinking about pursuing a career in the health professional field, HPA is the organization for you. Whether you are interested in medicine, dentistry, physician's assistant school, nursing, pharmacy, public health, or anything health related we are here to help you! Check out for details about our programs and contact information.


Opportunities/Perks of Joining:

Through HPA, you will have the opportunity to expand your pre-health horizons. We offer programs including, but not limited to:

- Partners in Wellness, our clinical volunteering program

- General Meetings, with health professionals as speakers

- Mentorship Program, in which underclassmen receive valuable advice from upperclassmen 

- Health Care Forum, in which we delve deep into a current relevant topic in health care and break it down

- Education Outreach Program, with volunteering opportunities with elementary school students

- Science Outreach Program, in which you ignite an interest in the sciences in elementary school students

- Various One-Day Volunteering Programs 

- Medical School Teleconference, in which former Gauchos and current medical school students share their experiences and advice

- Networking Luncheon, where you have the opportunity to meet speakers in almost every medical field and have lunch with them

- Spring Conference, which includes in-depth discussions with medical professionals on specific medical topics in the field along with a suture clinic