Mu Delta Fraternity


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Recruitment info: contact Recruitment Chair Kevin Nguyen at (408) 712-6650.  


Mission Statement:

The mission of Mu Delta Medical Fraternity is to establish a brotherhood among men who wish to become medical doctors, to increase the chance that these men will be accepted to a school of medicine after graduation, and to promote leadership, excellence, service, and ethics that extend throughout the lives of the members of this fraternity and into their communities.  


Opportunities/Perks of Joining:

Mu Delta Medical Fraternity is an unparalleled all-male fraternity that strives to help its members reach their ultimate goal of attending medical school after graduation. The brothers of Mu Delta are involved in research, volunteer work, and various clinical positions across the Santa Barbara community. These clinical jobs range through all levels of the healthcare field- from volunteering in elementary classrooms to providing primary medical care to the underserved population on the streets of Santa Barbara. Many members also work directly in the hospital as Scribes, EMTs, and Patient Care Techs. Many pre-medical organizations at UCSB were founded by or have executive boards staffed by brothers of Mu Delta so the networking opportunities are unmatched by any other pre-medical organizations on campus. In addition to the professional and academic perks, Mu Delta boasts a brotherhood of members whose connections and relationships further help motivate and inspire the pursuit of medical school.