Pre-Dental Organization


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Mission Statement:

The UCSB Pre-Dental Organization (PDO) is a club for pre-dental or interested students who want to find out about the field of dentistry and what it takes to get into dental school. We take trips to tour dental schools, meet local dentists, get DAT testing advice, interact with other students with similar interests and goals, fundraise for underserved dentistry, and get involved with volunteering in our community.


Opportunities/Perks of Joining:

  • Exclusive "Shadow List" of local dentists that are willing to have our members volunteer at their office or shadow them. 
  • Annual Suture Lab where we learn how to stitch on a chicken 
  • PDO events, meetings and presentations. This includes BBQ's, presentations by dental professionals and the campus pre-dental advisor, teleconferences with alumni, and a lot of other events
  • Mentor / Mentee program where you can be linked up to an upperclassmen or mentor freshmen or sophomores.  
  • Dental School Tours 
  • Volunteer & extracurricular programs, such as Dental Buddies, a volunteer opportunity in which we go to local elementary schools to teach kindergartners about dental hygiene through a 10-week curriculum of fun and engaging games. 
  • $50 DAT Bootcamp discount code