Society of Undergraduate Biologists (SUB)


Contact Information:




Mission Statement:

  1. To promote Biological Sciences by creating peer and professor relationships, community involvement, and education outreach.
  2. To create a social community among peers interested in biology in order to learn about biology in new and fun environments and to expand on biology topics outside of the classroom.
  3. To act as a liaison to resources for students such as how to explore career options, graduate school processes, and research opportunities in order to facilitate the process to graduation.

Opportunities/Perks of Joining:

Beginning Fall 2017, SUB membership opens! The perks of being a member include exclusive events, a study room with snacks for midterm and finals week, an opportunity to get even closer to the Biology department and faculty, and more. SUB also organizes events open to anyone about getting into research, lab tours, grad vs. med school, career talks, etc.! This will be a great opportunity to also meet and make friends with fellow Biology majors.