Nick Nidzieko

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Ellison 5830

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This project aims to develop a GIS-based catalog of all published estimates of ecosystem-level primary productivity, accompanied by metadata reported within those studies, including: sampling methods, environmental conditions (such as river flow or nutrient loading), and physical parameters (estuary depth, tide range, etc.).

Why? Coastal margins host some of the most productive habitats on the planet, yet there is still significant uncertainty about the magnitude of carbon fluxes across the land/ocean interface. Recent work from my lab ( has described emergent patterns in biogeochemical cycling across seemingly heterogenous coastal ecosystems--work relied on a literature survey of published rate estimates. To understand the mechanics of these patterns, a more thorough analysis of these published values is required.

Undergraduate Contribution: 

Students working on this project will be engaged primarily in one of two tasks:

1) conducting a "treasure hunt" through old literature, in order to catalog the details of these original studies
2) building a GIS database to record these details
Students will be expected to collaborate across tasks. This work builds on prior student contributions towards this project.


You must be highly motivated and capable of both independent study and collaborative work. A strong understanding of biological and marine processes is essential for the first topic area; expertise in GIS is essential for the second topic area. Some proficiency in the other topic area is desired.

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