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Andrew Flanagin

SS&MS 4131

Research Project

This study will take the form of an online experiment on the perceived credibility of information originating from a type of Yelp/Foursquare application that provides ratings of various venues (e.g., restaurants, parks, bars, etc.). The main focus is on the extent to which particular features matter (and how they matter) to users, including the geographic proximity of the "rater" (who provides the information) to (a) the venue being rated, and (b) to the "consumer" (the person seeking the information). The study will also assess other indicators of reputation, such as how much information the rater has provided previously, as well as the impact of other factors such as the sex of the people involved, the type of venue being rated, etc.

Undergraduate Contribution

The main duties of the RAship would require helping to plan, design, test, and execute the study. It would require some research, providing feedback on the experimental stimuli (which we will collectively design), and providing basic input on the study. The RA would learn a lot about this particular study, and would be in a position to see how research is designed and carried out more generally. Necessary skills include commitment to the research topic, familiarity with the various kinds of online tools examined in the study (as a user, not as a programmer, etc.), research skills (finding and reading relevant research, and communicating those ideas in meetings), and a natural curiosity about research. Also, people who are willing to speak up and give their opinions/ideas are highly valued.


Prerequisite GPA of 3.0 or greater, interest in the topic.

Michael Stohl

SS&MS 4125

Research Project

Title: Newspaper Framing of Terrorist Events and Organizations Research Objective: Identify the framing devices used by media organizations when discussing terrorist organizations and explore the factors influencing the selection of framing devices.

Description: The project has three phases: Identification of Terrorist events reported in major US and International Newspapers; Identification and categorization of the frames employed to characterize these events and groups and a comparative analysis of these frames and their implications.

Undergraduate Contribution

The Project
Data Collection
a. We will be investigating a large selection of American and
International newspapers, that the sampling frame will be
terrorist events in 2013 with an identified (or suspected)
perpetrator, and that we will specifically be looking for all
mentions of the terrorist organizations within our sample of
i. We will be cross coding all articles mentioning a specific
terrorist group or actor with the list of all 2013 terrorist
2. Construction of a typology of frames used by media
organizations when discussing terrorist actors
a. We will be using a grounded theoretical approach to create our
typology. This requires an iterative and interactive process,
which means attendance at group meeting will be required.
3. Content analysis
a. Once we have developed our typology, we will use it to hand
code all articles collected in phase one.


Interest in media
Comm 130 or Comm 137 or Comm major