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History of Art and Architecture

Richard Wittman

Arts 2314

Research Project

Your work will be a vital contribution to my book project on the reconstruction of the Early Christian basilica of San Paolo fuori le mura in Rome. This reconstruction was launched after a fire destroyed the old building in 1823, and it only ended more than a century later, in 1931. The main focus of my project lies in the period 1823-1860.

Undergraduate Contribution

You would be working with photographs of primary archival documents in Italian, or sometimes with published historical documents in Italian. Depending on the situation, you would either be going through them with me, or reading and summarizing them on your own. Requirements: An excellent knowledge of both Italian and English


You must be a careful reader and attentive to detail. The work will also be much more fun if you have a taste for history, and you enjoy working out what people long ago were thinking, doing, and aspiring to.