Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities Journal


Attention UCSB Undergraduate Researchers:

The Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Office (URCA) is proud to announce new university-wide undergraduate research journal and we want YOU to submit YOUR research papers. Have your papers PUBLISHED online in an open access format.

The URCA Journal aims to highlight the amazing research achievements produced by UCSB undergraduates and their graduate and faculty mentors. Through the journal, students will have the opportunity to share their research and contribute to the broader knowledge of UCSB’s campus. Our priority submission deadline is May 1, 2019. Our general submission deadline is May 17, 2019.  

Please submit your application and direct all inquiries to the following email: urca@ltsc.ucsb.edu

Who Can Submit:

The research can be completed by one or more UCSB students who have completed research either on campus or off campus. In order to be considered, the research must have been completed while the student was an undergraduate at UC Santa Barbara.

Students can be in any academic standing or year. We encourage First year, Sophomores, and Transfer students to submit their research!

Why Should You Publish?

Students who are seeking post-graduate opportunities (especially Master’s and Ph.D. programs) focused on research will find that this the URCAJ is a great opportunity to publish their research and supplement their professional career. Students will also be making valuable contributions to their fields of study and enriching their academic experience. Also, many graduate programs request concise versions of your research and this would be a ready-made edited, research paper to submit for applications. The undergraduate research selected for this journal will display the diversity of research done at UCSB and how this research lays the foundations for practical applications in many fields.

Please Include the Following in Your Submission:

  • 10-15 Page Research Paper (this page limit should include your bibliography) in Word format.
  • 100-Word Abstract
  • Brief biography of the student(s)
  • Faculty endorsement and brief biography of the faculty advisor(s)

Guidelines for Research Paper Submission:

  • Submit in Word Format
  • 12-point font and 1-inch margins, double-spaced
  • Consistent citation style that follows your discipline (APA, MLA, Chicago)
  • Ensure that your research meets the research guidelines
      • Clarity: Does the author provide enough background knowledge and context to make the research paper understandable and compelling to a general audience?\
      • Organization: Is the research understandable and are the author’s motivations clear?
      • Appropriateness: Was the topic and its significance communicated in a manner appropriate for an intelligent, but non-specialist audience?
      • Visuals: If used, did the extra images, charts, graphs, et. enhance the research and help to emphasize the primary points of the research? Is the research well formatted?
      • Intellectual Significance: Did the author explain why the project matters (for example, its significance to the academic discipline)?
      • Engagement: To what extent did the talk speak to your intellectual curiosity? Did it make you want to learn more about the topic?


The newly founded UCSB Undergraduate Research Journal aims to redistribute amazing research completed by UC Santa Barbara students to showcase the important contributions made by these students to their fields of study.

Policy for Removal:

Once published, your article IS available for removal at any time.

About Us:

UCSB’s Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Journal (URCAJ) was created in the Spring of 2019 to expose the university to the amazing research achievements of UCSB undergraduate students. In the interest of furthering the exposure of UCSB undergraduate research, this is an open-access publication and will be available to anyone interested. We invite submissions from ALL undergraduate students in research from ALL disciplines and we intentionally do not have GPA or academic year restrictions so that all of our student’s research accomplishments can be accessed.  

UCSB URCA Journal Staff

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Anne Charity-Hudley, Director of Undergraduate Research


Jacob LaViolet, Undergraduate Programs Coordinator

Karissa Gómez, Undergraduate Programs Assistant

Editorial Staff

Sydney Leigh Martin, Editor

Sarah Allen-Sutter, Editor

Review Board

Lesly Silva, URCA Peer Advisor

Jordan Mitchell, URCA Peer Advisor

Sabreena Sukhram, URCA Peer Advisor

Erika Prado, URCA Peer Advisor

Brenda Wu, URCA Peer Advisor

David Lowe, URCA Peer Advisor

Jasmin Morales, URCA Peer Advisor

Wendy Santamaria, UCDC Peer Advisor

Xochitl Briseño, URCA Peer Advisor

2019 Publications:

Brianna A. Robinson, Department of Feminist Studies
Faculty Mentor: Laury Oaks
A Black Feminist Approach to Recreational Pole Dancing
Student and Faculty Biographies

Chelsea Borg, Department of History
Faculty Mentor: Nelson Lichtenstein
Unpaid Interns: ‘Breaking Persistent Barriers’ Without Employee Status and Anti-Discrimination Protections
Student and Faculty Biographies

Ashlynn Deu Pree, Department of History 
Faculty Mentor: Adrienne Edgar
White by Association: The Mixed Marriage Policy of Japanese American Internees
Student and Faculty Biographies

Jose Tapia, Department of Chicanx Studies
Faculty Mentor: Veronica Fematt
Impact of Ethnic Studies Pedagogy on Latinx Student Achievement
Student and Faculty Biographies

Emma Anderson, Department of English
Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth Heckendorn Cook
Literacy and Social Media: Young Adult Readers in Goodreads Online Communities
Student and Faculty Biographies

Chinmay Surpur, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Richard E. Mayer
Investigating the Potential of Interactive Digital Learning Tools
Student and Faculty Biographies

Chinmayee Balachandra, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Michael B. Miller
Effects of Stress on Cognition and Performance (ESCAPE)
Student and Faculty Biographies

Paola Rivera, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Vanessa Woods
Exposure to Multicultural Environments: Influence on Social Relationships and Altruistic Behavior
Student and Faculty Biographies

Kuvimbanashe Edwin Chikukwa, Department of Political Science
Faculty Mentor: Kathleen Bruhn
How Remittances Are Changing Poverty Spending in Central America
Student and Faculty Biographies