College Advising Mission

The academic advisors help students achieve their goals by sharing knowledge, but also by partnering with students to analyze their many options at UCSB and beyond.  We aim to be an indispensable resource that connects students with great opportunities and with the many sources of support at UCSB that are essential for student success.

Make an Appointment with a College Advisor

The Advising Partnership

The most successful advising experiences are built on relationships in which the student and advisor work together in mutual responsiveness and commitment.  To ensure that students develop these relationships, we encourage them to pursue regular conversations with the advisors.  We also invite students to explore the many online resources we make available; these online materials provide important information regarding requirements, but they also expose students to programs and opportunities that can add great value to a student’s undergraduate experience.  Exploring the online resources can also help students get even more from their meetings with the advisors.