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During our Advising Hours

Now use QLess to be called back the same day OR to schedule an advising appointment. 

To speak with a General or Honors advisor the same day, join the "Same Day General & Honors Advising Queue." We will call you when you reach the front of the line.  Transfer students can join joing the "Same Day Transfer Student Advising Queue."

To schedule an advsing appointment (click here to see why you might want to make an appointment), use the QLess "General and Honors Advising Appointments" queue.

If you are not able to speak with us on the phone, email us at  Include your name and perm number with your questions, and we will arrange a Zoom meeting during our advising hours. Use QLess for a same day  meeting with an advisor. 

To speak with an advisor during our advising hours:

  1. Join the QLess Same Day General and Honors Advising Queue
    This will be the best way for you to reach us by phone.  Once you get in line using QLess, you will receive a text telling you how long you can expect to wait and regular updates.  When you get to the front of the line, an advsior will call you.  Undeclared major advising is available Fri mornings.   If QLESS tells you the "location is closed" during our advising hours, it means we have reached the maximum number of students that QLess predicted we could meet with during that shift. Sometimes, though, we get through the list faster than QLess preditcted, so please try again later or the next day. 
  2. Use the QLess General and Honors Advising Appointments Queue to schedule an appointmentWe ask students to schedule appointments for relatively complicated issues.  Appointments cannot be scheduled for the same or the next day and may be scheduled no more than two week in advance.  Also, appointments fill quickly: if there are no appointments available, please get in line in the Call Back queue.  You will be able to choose to have the appointment by phone or Zoom.  If you would rather meet in person, you may email to arrange an appointment, but please note that throughout the covid emergency in person appointments may not be available. Go to the Pre-health or Pre-law websites to schedule for pre-professional advising appointments.

You may also email your questions to  For pre-health questions, send an email to  International students can reach the international student advisors at  The transfer student advisors may be reached at

*IMPORTANT:  While advisors will be glad to talk to you about courses you are considering, advisors will not choose your courses for you or put you into full classes. If a course is full, please use GOLD to get on the waitlist. Click here to learn about how the waitlist works. To find courses that have space, use the Advanced Search feature on GOLD, choose the department and select "Open Sections Only." You can also attempt to crash a class by going to the first day of lecture. So while advisors won't pick your classes or get you into a course, if you are having difficulties with your course schedule they can assist you and also provide options to consider (e.g., deficit load or online courses). 

Our forms are available online as fillable PDFs and should be sent to

Advising Hours*

June 20-July 7

  • Monday, June 20, Closed
  • Tuesday, June 21: 1:00-3:30
  • Wednesday, June 22:  9:30-11:30, 1:00-3:30
  • Thursday, June 23:  9:00-11:30, Appointments only in PM
  • Friday, June 24:  Appointments only
  • Monday, June 27:  9:00-11:30; Appointments only in PM
  • Tuesday June 28:  Appointments only
  • Wednesday, June 29:  1:00-3:30
  • Thursday, June 30:  9:00-11:30, Appointments only in PM
  • Friday, July 1:  Appointments Only
  • Monday, July 4: Closed
  • Tuesday, July 5, 9:30-11:30, 1:00-3:30
  • Wednesday, July 6:  9:00-11:30, 1:00-3:30

July 7-August 5

  • Monday:  9:00-11:30, Appoointments only in PM
  • Tuesday:  Appointments Only
  • Wednesday:  1:00-3:30
  • Thursday:  9:00-11:30, Appointments only in PM
  • Friday:  Appointments Only

August 8-12

  • Monday, Thursday, Friday:  9:00-11:30
  • Tuesday, Wednesday: 9:30-11:30

August 15-

  • Monday, Thursday, Friday:  9:00 am - 11:30 am, 1:00-3:30
  • Tuesday, Wednesday:  9:30 am - 11:30 am, 1:00-3:30

Summer 2022 Holiday Closures:

  • Monday, June 20, Juneteenth
  • Monday, July 4, Independence Day
  • Monday, September 5, Labor Day


*Always use QLess to talk to an advisor, either the same day or by appointment.  Same day advising (via phone, Zoom or in person) is available during the all the days and times above unless "appointmens only" is indicated.  If you try to get in line during these times, but QLESS indicates that a "location" is closed, please try again later or the next day.  A closed location means that QLess predicts we have reached the maximum number of students that we will be able to talk wit though sometimes we are get through the list faster than QLess predicts we will.

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College Advising Mission

Academic advisors help students achieve their goals by sharing knowledge and also by partnering with students to analyze their options at UCSB and beyond.  We aim to be an indispensable resource  to connect students with great opportunities and the many sources of support at UCSB that are essential for student success.

The Advising Partnership

The most successful advising experiences are built on relationships in which the student and advisor work together in mutual responsiveness and commitment.  To build these relationships we encourage students to pursue regular conversations with our advisors.  We also invite students to explore the many online resources that are available. These online materials provide important information regarding requirements as well as programs and opportunities which can greatly enhance the undergraduate experience.  Exploring the online resources can also help students get even more from their meetings with advisors.

For more information on how our office works with students, check out our Welcome to Advising video.