Honors Program

Dear Honors Program students, 

As I have told so many of the students with whom I've had the pleasure of interacting this academic year, your resolve and determination in the face of so much adversity is truly commendable. The challenges we are all confronting right now are extraordinary, and your steadfast determination amidst those challenges is inspirational. My earnest desire is that you continue to display that determination that sets each of you apart.
We also have an important announcement for students who will be graduating between now and Summer 2021. Due to the reduced number of honors seminars, the increased challenges of arranging honors contracts remotely, the lack of education abroad opportunities, etc., the number of Honors Experiences required to complete the L&S Honors Program has been reduced from six to five. If you plan on declaring candidacy between now and Summer 2021 and you've already earned five honors experiences, you are set. Provided you maintain the GPA requirement of 3.5 and you complete the volunteer requirement, you will successfully complete the Honors Program.
Most of your questions about the Honors Program can be answered by visiting the links on the navigation bar to the left. If you still have questions, see below for how to contact David Lawrence or Carolina Ramirez Moreno, the Honors Program Peer Advisor for this academic year.

David Lawrence
Academic Advisor
UCSB Letters & Science Honors Program

Honors Advising Hours (beginning Jan 18)

Tuesdays 1:00-3:30 PM

Wednesdays 9:30-11:30 AM

Thursdays 9:00-11:30 AM 

To speak with an academic advisor sooner:


1.  Use the Letters and Science Academic Advising  QLess Queue to have us call you.  Let the advising associate know that you have an Honors Program-related question, and an Honors Program advisor will call you back at their earliest opportunity. Please note that your wait times may be longer if you're trying to address an Honors Program issue outside of dedicated Honors Advising hours.

2.  Schedule a phone or Zoom appointment.  You can use the advising appointment system to schedule an appointment.  Please know that we ask students to schedule appointments for relatively complicated issues, and appointments cannot be scheduled for the same day or the next day.  Also, appointments fill quickly. So if you have questions that can’t wait, please use QLess, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you have already scheduled an in person appointment with an advisor or dean, please expect an email with directions for making it a phone appointment.

3.  Emailing us at honorsmail@ltsc.ucsb.edu

Please include your PERM and a good callback number in your email to us.


Also, if you need a petition form for another academic advising matter, most are available online, and once you fill them out, scan them or take a picture and send it to academic_advising@ltsc.ucsb.edu.


The Honors Program is designed to give students in the College of Letters and Science the opportunity to pursue their interests as part of a community of scholars. The program connects you to the resources of a large university while providing an intimate collegiate atmosphere where you work closely with peers and professors in small classes, research laboratories, and special programs and activities.


Email:  honorsmail@ltsc.ucsb.edu (Please include your PERM in the subject line of your message)


The conversation has already begun, and it's as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Create an account using your UCSB.edu email in the Nectir box above by clicking "Register New Account." 
2) Begin chatting
3) Ask and answer each others' questions, share events, and get support from peer and staff honors advisors

Get your L&S Honors questions answered on Nectir!

Designed by recent UCSB grads, Nectir is a communication tool UCSB adopted this year in order to create online communities on campus. Through either your desktop or your phone, you can now join a community of every UCSB Honors student in our #letters-and-science-honors Nectir channel. This will be a space to ask and answer each others’ questions, share tips and tricks, and find support from your peers. 

Whether you have insights about honors experiences, suggestions for satisfying community service hours, or have questions about Honors Seminar offerings, your Letters & Sciences honors advisors--and fellow Honors Program students--would love to hear from you!

Honors Student Testimonials                                                            


"I absolutely loved my job as an Honors Program Peer. Getting to meet so many extremely intelligent and driven individuals really inspires me. I'm also excited to share my experiences with the incoming Honors students through the Honors Mentor program because I know they will be amazed by how many opportunities they will receive through this program! Not to mention how much fun they will have if they join our Isla Vista Elementary Tutoring Program!" 

Haley Ferrera, Alumna and former Honors Program Peer                                                                             

"Being a part of the Honors Program has helped me cultivate deeper connections with my professors and has opened me up to new and exciting opportunities that I didn't imagine I would have during my college years at such a large university. As an Honors Program Peer, I was excited to organize more events to help create a sense of community and togetherness within the Honors Program."  [We recommend following the Honors Program's Facebook page for updates on upcoming events.]

Mallory Shiroyama, Alumna and former Honors Program Peer

"I’m so thankful to be a part of the Honors Program here at UCSB. Not only has it opened me up to opportunities I never thought I’d have the chance to do during college, it has also provided me with greater connections with my professors — a privilege at such a large university. For my Environmental Studies Honors Section with Professor Alagona, I had the chance to go on a 3-day field trip to the Sierra Nevada, where we were able to meet lots of prestigious people in a variety of job fields, as well as see how environmental issues are very important today."

Rachel DeAngelis, Fourth year Theater Major

"My favorite experience in the Honors Program was Dr. John Park's Honors Seminar on Law and Disobedience. This course opened my mind to the vast number of sources from which knowledge can come; I have since broadened my education by attending events such as TEDxUCSB, a Ted Talk event at which Dr. Park spoke about how power and knowledge contribute to modern race relations. He is so charismatic and made class sessions feel both casual and professional, encouraging the connection of issues across disciplines, as well as giving useful advice on life after college. Plus he always offered tea and chocolate."

Megan O'Beirne, Fourth year double majoring in Environmental Studies and Global Studies

"Participating in the Honors Program allowed me to work one-on-one with my professors to get even more out of my already great Sociology courses. My honors standing as well as my leadership experience from being the Isla Vista Tutoring Coordinator made my resume stand out and helped me to already receive an offer for a great, full-time career after graduation."

Kate Chase, Alumna and former Isla Vista Tutoring Coordinator

"Although I joined the Honors Program for the early registration times, after joining I realized the tremendous opportunities to network with other students and work closely with faculty."

Chris Condron, Alumnus

"I really enjoy having the opportunity to take Honors Seminars and Honors Contracts in unique subject areas. Many professors teach seminars or establish contracts around a specific area of interest to them, thus allowing students to learn about a topic that may not be offered in other UCSB courses."

Kristen Wieser, Alumna

"I love that the Honors Program creates a small community within a large university, making my experience as a student more manageable and rewarding."

Audrey Abeyta, Alumna

"A few of the relationships I’ve built have been maintained, which made the process of getting letters of recommendation much easier."

Jeannette Figg, Alumna, Yale law student

"The Honors Program has given me the opportunity to develop better relationships with my professors while also creating a more in-depth academic experience."

Kelsey Foltz, Alumna

"Through Honors Sections and Contracts, I enjoy having thought-provoking discussions and participating in challenging projects that go beyond what’s required of you as a regular student in class. You get to form relationships with faculty who are prestigious in their areas of expertise and actively engage with their wealth of knowledge."

Kaitlyn Hollister, Alumna

"I have had the opportunity of going deeper in the course material through projects, research and building closer relationships with professors, which has allowed me to truly make the most of my academic career at UCSB."

Danielle Mayorga, Alumna

"The Honors Program has allowed me to develop close ties to UCSB faculty members through Honors Contracts and Sections. It has also opened up volunteer opportunities such as the Isla Vista Elementary School tutoring program."

Michael Moses, Alumnus