Virginia Beaufort

Academic Programs
Undergraduate Mentorship Program


B.S. Psychology, Stetson University
M.S. Dual Masters in Mental Health Counseling & Marriage and Family Therapy, Barry University
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute

In the 2015-2016 academic year, Dr. Beaufort developed and launched the Undergraduate Mentorship Program (UMP), a peer-to-peer mentorship program to help first-year students succeed. The mission of UMP has been to create supportive one-to-one mentoring relationships for first-year students to improve retention, foster student success, and help build an increased sense of belonging. Dr. Beaufort’s mentorship approach incorporates self-awareness and mindfulness activities, providing a framework for students to develop their emotional intelligence.

In addition to her academic work, Dr. Beaufort is a licensed mental health counselor and depth psychologist. Depth psychology focuses on uncovering deeper unconscious motives to alleviate painful psychological symptoms by cultivating greater self-awareness and meaning in life. When coaching, she uses an integrated depth and existential approach that incorporates emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and mind/body wellness to guide people towards a more meaningful and purpose-driven life. Dr. Beaufort has experience developing mentorship, coaching, and wellness programs. She also specializes in the treatment of eating disorders and physiognomy.