About the Program

A message from our Pre-Law advisors, Tanya Higuera and Miguel Moran-Lanier:

*** During summer 2022, pre-law advisors will continue to conduct all meetings by phone or Zoom.

Law is a complex, competitive field that remains a popular career option among students at UCSB. If you are attracted to the law profession, we invite you to meet with us to explore your interests in law and discuss an individualzed plan tailored to your interests, goals, and personal circumstances. UCSB’s Pre-Law Advising program is designed to help students in planning a path to law school.

If you are interested in pursuing law, whether you are a current student or alumni, we encourage you to connect with us through the resources listed below:

  1. Summer pre-law drop-in hours during regular quarters: For brief, urgent, or time-sensitive questions discussing one or two topics, sign up for virtual drop-in/phone-in meetings on Wednesdays, 1:00-3:30PM through QLess and we will call you back during these times.

    Please note that QLess is will NOT be used to schedule half-hour pre-law appointments. For pre-law, QLess will only be used as a virtual line, or queue, and is only open for pre-law during the virtual drop-in/phone-in hours listed above. To set up a half-hour appointment in advance, outside of pre-law virtual drop-in hours, please see the following appointment section)

  2. Appointments (regular quarters only): To schedule a half-hour phone appointment in advance, outside of drop-in hours, you can select this appointment scheduling link to schedule your phone appointment through a different system. If phone is inconvenient for any reason and you would like to meet via Zoom, please email the pre-law advisor with whom you scheduled the appointment to request a Zoom link.
    (Pre-law advising is generally not available during the first 2 weeks of the quarter, we start on the third week. However, please feel free to email us if you need to meet with us earlier during that 2-week period to discuss any urgent or time-senstive questions, such as finizisng your materials which you need to submit ASAP for this application cycle).
    --Summer pre-law appointments outside of drop-in hours are scheduled by email request only--see emails below--


  3. Review the Official Guide to US Law Schools.
  4. Talk to people who have a connection to the legal profession. Be prepared to hear about the advantages as well as the disadvantages.
  5. Consider visiting Career Services office, which is another helpful resource for students exploring law. There, a career advisor with a focus on law can assist you in exploring the legal profession and assessing whether or not the field is fitting to your strengths and preferences.
  6. Finally, please take the time to explore our website.  Whether you already have begun the law school application process or you are in the first stages of considering the law profession, I am confident that you will find some helpful information.

For quick questions by email or to set up an appointment if you are unable to do so through the resources above, please send us a message at or Whether you are just considering law school or you are in the application process, we look forward to meeting with you, answering your questions, and providing guidance at any stage of your process.


Tanya Higuera & Miguel Morán-Lanier
Pre-Law Advisors

Application Process

While not particularly complicated, the process of applying to law school can be very time-consuming. The following will help guide you through the process: Law  Application Process