Graduating Soon?

Did You Know - Senior Checks walk-ins are every Monday from 9:30-11:30am in 1117 Cheadle Hall.  Students can also call 805-893-2038 to schedule an appointment for a Senior Check. 

Did You Know - A College Advisor can check for Duplicate Matriculation, to ensure no credit will be taken away for courses in which you were already awarded credit.

Did You Know - After reaching 135 credit units, students must complete another 35 units while in residence at UCSB (unless abroad during their senior year, in which, in most cases, students must complete the 35 in residence units after they have reached 90 units).

Did You Know - Students are required to meet a 2.0 GPA in their cumulative GPA, major GPA, and UD major GPA.

Did You Know - The college expects students to graduate within a certain number of quarters--12 quarters if they begin as freshmen or in 6 quarters if they are transfers students--or by the time they reach 200 units, whichever happens second.

Did You Know - Students need at least a 180 units to graduate if they met the language requirement in high school and 184 units if they did not fulfill the language requirement in high school.

Did You Know -Students need at least a 180 units to graduate, and at least 60 of those units need to be upper division (from courses listed 100-199).

Did You Know - Make sure to declare candidacy on GOLD for the quarter in which you will complete all degree requirements.

Did You Know - Pass 1 Registration for Commencement begins late February.

Did You Know - Taking less than 12 units? Make sure to fill out a Deficit Load petition with the College and a Partial Fee Reduction petition with the Registrar. 

Degree Requirements

See the Degree Requirements page for details on completing a degree. 

Degree Checks

Students may run a GE Progress Check and  Degree Audit (which covers Major requirements) at any time through the GOLD system to check requirements and progress towards graduation.  The Progress Check and Degree Audit can be found under "PROGRESS" in the top menu.  PLEASE NOTE:  these are the same tools used by College and department advisors, as well as the Registrar to clear students for graudation.    

The Progress Check consists of the College's requirements to graduate such as unit count, GEs, and residency requirements.   The Degree Audit displays progress in the major (courses and GPA requirements) in addition to the College's requirements--therefore the Degree Audit gives a more complete picture of what is required to complete your degree.

Students may also meet with an academic advisor to address any questions about degree requirements.


See the Commencement Website for details on commencement.