Making Appointments

To see a College of Letters & Science academic advisor:

  • Students may make an appointment online through the L&S Advising Appointment System.
  • Students with questions that they think will take 10 minutes or less to answer may see a walk-in advisor by visiting 1117 Cheadle Hall  during the following hours: Monday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00AM to noon, and from 1:00 to 4:00; on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:30 AM to noon, and from 1:00 to 4:00.  Students may also call (805) 893-2038 to arrange to speak with a walk-in advsior.

 Advising appointments are held in Cheadle Hall 1117 or in the Transfer Student Center in Davidson Library.  Students must check in at the front desk before they will be seen for either walk-in or pre-scheduled appointments.

Be sure to bring a Photo ID to your appointment or to see a walk-in advisor!

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Departmental versus College Advising

UCSB students are expected to work closely with their departmental advisors on matters involving major requirements; academic advising on all other subjects (e.g., general education, graduation, residency) falls primarily to the advisors in the College advising office (Cheadle Hall 1117).  To get the most out of UCSB’s advising resources, students are encouraged to develop relationships with both College and departmental advisors.

Do I Need an Appointment?

If you are uncertain of whether your question would benefit from a full appointment, consult the chart below.  If your question or concern isn't included here, or you're not sure if you should schedule an appointment, please call 805-893-2038 or drop by the advising office at 1117 Cheadle Hall.

Reason for Seeking Advising Walk-in Make an Appointment
Academic probation X  
Add and/or drop a course X  
Changing grading option (Passed/Not Passed vs. Letter) X  
Choosing a major   X
Considering a double major   X
Degree/Progress check   X
Discuss dropping a course X  
Discuss repeating a course X  
Discuss taking time off   X
Dropped from a course X  
EAP planning form X  
Enrollment agreement X  
Intercampus visitor X  
Long-range planning to graduate by a particular target term   X
MCP (Minimum Cumulative Progress) X  
Next quarter schedule planning X  
Non UC Study Abroad Leave form X  
Picking up or submitting a petition X  
Registration block X  
Required to change my major X  
Returning after an absence   X
2nd repeat X  
Senior check*   X* X
Taking GEs elsewhere (including in summer)? X  
Transfer from Engineering or Creative Studies & not in good standing X  
Transfer to another institution  X  
Withdrawing from the current quarter X  

*Please contact the office for senior check walk in hours.

Contacting Specific Academic Program Staff

Visit the respective page on our website to find the direct contact information for our various programs.  The Academic Programs, Honors, and Research Opportunities pages of our site include specific contact information for our programs, such as: