UCSB Students Awarded Prestigious Goldwater Scholarship

This year, two UCSB students were awarded the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship, and one received Honorable Mention.

The Goldwater Scholarship supports developing science, mathematics, and engineering students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance and potential in research. For more information on the Goldwater Scholarship, please see the Goldwater website, where you can find the full list of recipients and honorable mentions.  Campus endorsement information may be found on our Goldwater Scholarships page within the National Scholarships Database.


Michael Aling
Institution: University of California: Santa Barbara
Field of Study: Engineering
Career Goal: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Applied Physics, or related field. Leading role in development of scientific apparatuses, with aim of applications in multiple fields.
Mentor(s): Stephen D. Wilson, Julian L. Schmehr, Ryan Need, Dave Bothman

Jasen Liu
Institution: University of California: Santa Barbara
Field of Study: Life Sciences
Career Goal: Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology. Lead a research group investigating evolutionary ecology and phylogenetics of flowering plants, and teach at the university level.
Mentor(s): Susan Mazer, Scott Hodges, Hillary Young, Wolf Frommer, Dawn O’Neal, Kristen Peach, Evangeline Ballerini, Devyn Orr, Matthew Prior


Shay Nguyen
Institution: University of California: Santa Barbara
Field of Study: Chemistry
Career Goal: Ph.D. in Chemistry. Conduct chemistry research as a research faculty at a university.
Mentor(s): Javier Read de Alaniz


We wish to thank the members of UCSB's 2017-18 National Scholarship Selection Committee for their work in reviewing applications and nominating our Goldwater recipients:

  • Professor Xiaojian Zhao, Associate Dean & Chair of Seleciton Committee (Asian American Studies)
  • Professor Jianwen Su, Faculty (Computer Science)
  • Professor Heather Stoll, Faculty (Political Science)

News Date: 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018