Pre-Professional Advising

Interested in a career in Medicine or Law? Discover Your Path to Success after UCSB

At UCSB, the journey doesn't end with graduation—it's just the beginning. Each year, numerous UCSB graduates embark on further studies in medical, law, business, and various professional domains. What's noteworthy is that most of these prestigious graduate programs don't mandate a specific undergraduate major. Instead, students have the freedom to pursue the major of their choice while fulfilling essential course prerequisites required for admission to their desired programs.

Start your journey by visiting our Pre-Health or Pre-Law Websites and connecting with an advisor.

For those aspiring to attend law school or pursue a career in the health professions, guidance and support await at the Pre-Law and Pre-Health offices. Here advisors are ready to assist students in shaping their academic paths towards success. Moreover, department advisors also provide valuable pre-professional advice, tailoring guidance to students' specific interests and aspirations. In addition, exploring career aspirations and academic connections is made seamless with the comprehensive resources offered by UCSB's Career Services.