Video: Advising FYI Series Part One

Hello Gauchos!

The first Academic FYI Series Workshop was held on October 20, titled "Week 3: The Basics." See below for a video recording of the event.

Topics included:

  • Getting Connected with Resources
  • Utilizing All Gold Has To Offer
  • Knowing Early Quarter Deadlines

"Week 3: The Basics" Workshop Video

Upcoming Academic FYI Series Workshops

Week 6: Beyond the Basics
Tuesday, November 10, 3 PM-4 PM (Zoom link)
  • Understanding Repeat Policies
  • Using P/NP Strategically
  • Building Your Support Team

Week 9: After the Basics, Now What?

Tuesday, December 1, 3 PM-4 PM (Zoom link)
  • Major & Minor Selection
  • Getting Involved with Research
  • End of the Quarter Wrap-up

Academic FYI Workshop Schedule

News Date: 

Thursday, October 22, 2020