Strauss Scholarship Info Meeting: November 14

Do you have a passion for public service? Have you thought of a unique project that would contribute to the common good, at home or abroad? The Strauss Scholarship may be able to help make that project a reality -- and help support your education.

The Strauss scholarship is a nationally competitive scholarship focused on supporting a public service project. Students in their sophomore or junior year may apply, and proposals are due in January.  Applications must be submitted through Undergraduate Education, which facilitates the campus endorsement process.

On November 14, a trustee from the Strauss Foundation will visit UCSB to speak about the scholarship:

UCSB Strauss Scholarship Info Session
Tuesday, November 14th, 2017
Social Science & Media Studies 2135
11 am-12 pm


Interested students are highly encouraged to attend to learn more about what the scholarship has to offer and to learn what the foundation is looking for in a project proposal.

Please address any questions to:

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017