Mariya Taher: Writer and Social Justice Advocate

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


This month’s Alumni Spotlight features Mariya, a former Religious Studies major who is now a social justice advocate using storytelling as a method for spreading awareness and change.

Mariya, on the relevance of Religious Studies in today's world,

"Religion has so much power over people’s lives. It might determine who they marry, their beliefs, whether they think there’s an afterlife. Especially as our world is in the grips of Islamaphobia and fearing immigrant populations, Religious Studies can provide a deeper understanding of people. I recognized that religious beliefs often become social norms in communities so bringing about social change comes with a real challenge when confronting that reality."

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Mariya welcomes Gauchos to contact her via email with questions about her career or for mentorship. Requests to review resumes will not receive replies.

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