Molly Hahn: Illustrator and Founder of Buddha Doodles

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018


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This month’s Spotlight features Molly, a former Global Studies major who now runs a successful business she built after her inspiring artwork exploded across the internet.

Molly, on the challenge and reward of running your own business:

"Building a business hasn’t been easy, but it’s the best journey I’ve ever been on. I do what I love. I get to travel, speak, meet interesting people, and experiment with new forms of media. I’ve built a team to support my vision and have learned how to outsource tasks to get them out of my court and into an expert’s court. Every day brings something new. I’ve learned it all just by going through it and now I help others figure it out without them having to go through the same ringer."

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Molly welcomes Gauchos to contact her via email for questions about her career or for mentorship.


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