Sarah Trumble: Senior Policy Counsel, Third Way

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Monday, August 24, 2015


This month’s Spotlight features Sarah, a former Global Studies major who’s now at the center of the nation’s political landscape, advising Members of Congress and innovating policies to make our country better.

Sarah, on internships:

"Speaking of internships, I wish I’d known how valuable they are and how much they matter, because I would have done so many more as an undergrad. In fact, it was my internship during UCDC that made me realize despite being a Global Studies major, international relations was not the field for me. Internships are how you figure out your path, how you get experience in the field, how you make professional connections, and—at least for me—how you get a job."

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Sarah welcomes UCSB students to contact her via LinkedIn with questions about the field and advice on how to prepare for a career in social policy. Requests to review resumes or inquiries about open positions will not be responded to.

Sarah Trumble

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