Kristen Care: Attorney

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Monday, September 14, 2015


This month's Spotlight features Kristen, a former Classics major who is now commanding courtrooms and protecting the underserved as a general practice attorney.

Kristen, on how Classics set her up to do law:

"I can’t think of another degree that teaches students how to analyze and interpret civil data as strongly as Classics. When we read ancient texts, we weren’t taught to read them at face value—we had to interpret. What did that grocery list teach us about the diet of the culture at the time, and what did that show us about the environment and climate? What did the laws on divorce show about land ownership, family values, and the rights of men and women? This skill set is critical in drafting and analyzing laws, deconstructing opposing arguments, and in negotiation."

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Kristen welcomes UCSB students to contact her via LinkedIn with questions about the field and advice on how to prepare for a career in law. Requests to review resumes or inquiries about open positions will not be responded to.

Kristen Care

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