Corinne Seals: Lecturer of Applied Linguistics / Language Policy Consultant

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Monday, October 19, 2015


This month's Spotlight features Corinne, a former Linguistics major who, having taught FBI agents and worked for D.C.'s Applied Linguistics Center, is now an advocate for minority language communities in New Zealand.

Corinne, on her Honor's Thesis:

"During my 3rd year at UCSB, I talked with Prof Mary Bucholtz (Linguistics) about wanting to do an Honors thesis and then an MA in Ling. She advised me in the completion of a thesis on multilingual families, heritage languages, and identity—what is now the backbone of all the work I do. She also offered me the opportunity to train in hands-on linguistics research as an undergrad research assistant for her National Science Foundation project, which I worked on for a year. These two experiences became the basis for everything I do now in my job, and her excellent advising is what I aim for when I advise students of my own."

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Corinne welcomes UCSB students to contact her via email with questions about the field and for advice on how to prepare for a career in applied linguistics. Requests to review resumes or inquiries about open positions will not be responded to.

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