Evan Strenk: CEO Milo Sensors, Inc.

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Monday, March 13, 2017


This month’s Spotlight features Evan, a former Film and Media Studies major who’s now the CEO of a biometric sensor company forging a new path in wearable technology.

Evan, on taking risks:

"I quit Deckers when we had a very small amount of investment promised through a handshake. It was a very risky move. But I didn't want to regret letting an opportunity pass me by. A quote popped up in my life during that time that stuck with me: 'Faith is letting a sure thing die for a maybe.' And that was exactly what was happening for me."

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Evan welcomes Gauchos to contact him via email for questions about his journey to start Milo Sensors. Requests to review resumes will not receive responses.


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