Alex Garcia: Financial and Budget Analyst

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Friday, June 2, 2017


This month’s Spotlight features Alex, a former Law and Society major who’s now managing a multi-million dollar budget for UCSB’s College of Letters and Science.

Alex, on changing direction:

"I'd thought I needed to stick wtih Bio because I'd started it. But once I realized that maybe it wasn't for me or maybe I wasn't doing as well as I could have if I did something else, I had to sit down with myself and ask, 'Alright, what am I really good at? What is it that I enjoy? What do I find rewarding?' And in moving toward the humanities, my mind expanded to learn to analyze, give ideas, and back up ideas."

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Alex welcomes Gauchos to contact him via LinkedIn for questions about his career and path to get there. Requests to review resumes will not receive responses.

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