Jacob Tell: CEO and Creative Lead, Oniracom

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Tell in Oniracom Headquarters

This month's Spotlight features Jacob, a former Film Studies major, Black Studies minor, who now heads an agency of world-class branding and digital media experts.

Jacob on hiring,

"As someone who's hired a lot of people, being proactive is hugely beneficial. I've hired both interns and employees who've just shown up and demonstrated their value. If I really want someone on my team, I'll figure out a position even if I wasn't necessarily looking. [...] If you really want to work somewhere, go show up, talk to some of the staff that work there, figure out the best way in, and just keep presenting yourself as a viable candidate."

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Learn more about Oniracom at oniracom.com

Jacob welcomes Gauchos to contact him via email for questions about his career path and his industry. Requests to review resumes will not receive responses.


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