Faculty Development

The ONDAS faculty development seminar is based on three core ideas from the literature on expertise and learning development:

  • Faculty are experts in their experts in their disciplines. 
  • Part of enabling students to become successful learners involves making the constituent elements of this expertise accessible to learners.
  • Meaningful change involves re-thinking teaching through research and theory.Faculty development, like all learning, is a recursive process involving articulation of ideas, development of approaches or interventions, analysis, and reconsideration.

Working from these ideas, participants in the year-long seminar and conference will work together to: 

  • conduct research-based, theory-driven investigations of our disciplines and teaching;
  • adapt or develop new approaches to teaching based on these investigations; 
  • develop or expand inclusive teaching practices, including examining the roles that cutting-edge technologies can play in enhancing inclusive teaching and learning; 


  • share the results of our efforts with each other and with others involved in research-based approaches to teaching. 

Faculty are invited to participate in this year-long effort. Meetings generally occur every two weeks throughout fall, winter, and spring quarters. For more information contact Linda Adler-Kassner, Professor of Writing Studies and Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, at adler-kassner@ltsc.ucsb.edu.