Discovery Seminars List

Discover Seminar List for 2023-24

FALL 2024

FALL 2024 - First Year Discovery & Discovery+ Seminars

FALL 2024 - Transfer Discovery & Discovery+ Seminars



SPRING 2024 - First Year Discovery & Discovery+ Seminars

SPRING 2024 - Transfer Discovery & Discovery+ Seminars



WINTER 2024 - First Year Discovery & Discovery+ Seminars

WINTER 2024 - Transfer Discovery & Discovery+ Seminars


FALL 2023

FALL 2023 - First Year Discovery & Discovery+ Seminars

FALL 2023 - Transfer Discovery & Discovery+ Seminars

General Information

Details on each Discovery Seminar format can be found on the Discovery Seminars homepage.

For information on seminars from past quarters go to the archived lists page.

Note for Honors Students: All Discovery Seminars count as 1 Honors Experience if you are in the College of Letters & Science Honors Program.

Discovery Seminar Course Numbering

First Year Discovery Seminars - INT 86AA-ZZ (single instructor)

First Year Disocvery+ Seminars - INT 87AA-ZZ (two instructors)

Transfer Discovery Serminars - INT 186AA-ZZ (single instructor) 

Transfer Discovery+ Seminars - 187AA-ZZ (two instructors)


If you are a student and have any questions about Discovery Seminars, please email