Awards, Scholarships, and Opportunities

Honors Program students have made significant achievements in academics, service, and leadership, making them ideal candidates for scholarships and grants. Two scholarships in particular—the Kirby-Jones and Duval Scholarships—are set aside specifically for Honors Program students.

Students who successfully complete the Honors Program receive "Completion of the Honors Program" on their transcript. Along with this recognition, some honors students may be eligible to receive additional awards at graduation or may choose to participate in other honors opportunities not directly affiliated with the Honors Program, including:

UCSB Scholarship & Grant Resources

UCSB College of Letters and Science Undergraduate Research and Creative Awards Office
The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URCA) website includes information about various scholarships.

UCSB Financial Aid Office is a great resourse to seek out financial support, including the "ScholarshipUniverse" a new tool for UCSB stuent thatmake finding and applying for scholarships easy!

UCSB Alumni Legacy Scholarship
The UCSB Alumni Legacy Scholarship was created to support children, stepchildren, grandchildren, and/or step-grandchildren of UCSB Alumni Association members through membership dues paid by members of the UCSB Alumni Association. The UCSB Alumni Legacy Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate a commitment to the excellence of UCSB and the community through academic achievements, leadership, and involvement in campus clubs and organizations.