Community Service

Community Service Requirement

To successfully complete the Honors Program, students must complete 40 hours of volunteer service. For the activity to count toward the 40 hours, the student must not be paid for the service and must not earn academic credit for the service.  We define community service as an activity that repairs, sustains, or improves the university community or the larger community.  Community service may be completed outside the Santa Barbara community, including while studying abroad. Please email us at if you have questions about community service.

General Community Service Opportunities

Service opportunities are publicized at the Community Affairs Board (CAB), UCen 2523, and on the Honors listserv. Sites like and can be great places to start as you brainstorm ideas. Remember that service must be reflective of Honors values of repairing, sustaining, or improving the fabric of the university or the larger community.

Logging Community Service Hours

Please enter your community service hours here.   You will need to provide the name and email of a person who can verify your service.  If you are submitting hours for an activity that continues over an extended period of time, we prefer that you log it in as a single entry rather than making an entry each time you participated in the services.  For example, if you know that you plan on volunteering at an assisted living center for several months this year, keep track of your time and log the hours one time after you finish volunteering.