Breaks in Enrollment (Withdrawing)

Sometimes it is in a student’s best interest to withdraw from the university.  If you are considering withdrawing from the university for one-or-more quarters, we suggest that you meet with a College of Letters and Science advisor as well as your major advisor to discuss the implications.  In most cases, students can withdraw and expect to make reasonable progress toward completing their degrees when they return. 

Withdrawing from the Current Quarter

A student enrolled currently in a quarter may petition to withdraw from that quarter by completing the Undergraduate Withdrawal Petition no later than the last day of instruction that quarter.  If the petition is filed prior to or on the first day of the quarter, the student’s fees for the quarter are cancelled.  If the completed petition is submitted in the early days of the quarter, the student may be eligible for a partial refund of fees.  See the fee refund schedule for details.

Cancelling (Withdrawing from) a Future Quarter

A student can cancel (withdraw from) a quarter that has not yet begun by logging into GOLD and choosing "Petitions" in the Progress menu.

 Non-UC Sponsored Study Abroad Leave Request

Students studying abroad through a non-UC program should complete the  on the Registrar’s “Non-UC Sponsored Study Abroad Leave Request” form available from the Registrar at