Advising Policies & Regulations

Academic Policies and Regulations are established by the Academic Senate and implemented by the College of Letters and Science. Use the links below to access detailed descriptions of the policies and regulations that undergraduates ask about most frequently.

Degree Requirements

See the Degree Requirements page under Program Planning for information on the requirements for completing a degree.


General Grades & GPA Information

General Grades Information

GPA & GPB Calculator

Incomplete Grades

See the Registrar page on Incomplete Grades for information on this petition.

Scheduling Courses

See the Registrar for information on Scheduling Classes, including important deadlines and policies having to do with course enrollment.

Unit / Credit Policies

See below for links to the related policies:

AP Credit

Concurrent Enrollment

Accelerated and Independent Study

Minimum and Maximum Quarterly Units

Passed / Not Passed Grades

Academic Residence (Also see Transferring Credit)

200 Unit Enrollment Limit

Repeating Courses

See the Repeating Courses page for details and policies on repeating previously taken coursework.

Transfer Coursework

See the Transfer Coursework page for details.